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Smart Vidhya

With Automation on its high, With the Advent of Information Technology it has become challenging for Colleges to produce...

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Everyone loves and deserve to be appreciated and respected. Although it is claimed that looks seldom matter, grooming...

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Intelligent Dog

Welcome to the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), where digitally connected devices are encroaching on every aspect...

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About Us

Technology is ever growing and at a faster rate. Infact, this is the era of advanced technology. We at GRK technologies understand the impacts of the technological advancements on the society, and our motive is to take its fruits reach the end needed.

What we offer

GRK Technologies extensively work on Automation of Technology, IoT, Web Application Development. A Great Company with lots of upside. very serious about creating and maintaining the type of culture that creates success.

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We develop and assist our Clients with the following services


We create cost-effective, advanced and straightforward applications to help you grow.


Achive Increased service quality, Perceived service quality, reliability and other benifits.


Confidently connect, monitor and control new things everyday, with ease of access.

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